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16 May, 2017


Hello Dears! I’m so happy to be finally back online with the new blog! In case someone of you have missed something, more or less two month ago, I took over the blog alone… This decision has been taken Giulia ( my ex partner)  and I , together due to personal reasons.

I’ve always been convinced that life is so beautiful because of its changes… A series of events, decisions and sometimes also coincidences that makes everything always keep moving. Believe me… I’ve been thinking for long time at this project. FirstI started wondering to if keep on doing it alone. I love changes but they always represent a risk. I’m strongly convinced that nowadays, taking risk is fundamental to create something, to show an idea and support it. By thinking a lot , I figured out that I had so many things to show to others and this pushed me to make this new project alone.

From today I will take you in my eclectic universe made by lots of travel, my inclination to luxury goods, my dedication for fashion but also for art.



Today I would like to present you my new image which explain very well my personality. Of course I’m a big fashion addicted but I love to personalize my look which is  a mixture  of classic wardrobe’s basics like trench coat ( I am such a big fan of trench coat!!) and the latest trends. I’m a shoes addicted: I love them and I think they are never enough, I love to buy all the latest models and I love to wear high heels ( as I’m not so tall I fell much better with heels!!), I prefer classic bags like Hermès and Saint Laurent than It Bags and I love jewels, especially rings!

My style is very personal and eclectic. I love to be quite classy and chic because it represents my DNA, but I have no problems to jump out from my heels for my training shoes. Something you have to know is that I’m a sport addicted person. I workout hard every day, trying to do it also when traveling. I’m always looking for the best gyms in town or I go just for a long run. Keep training and fit for me it’s a real philosophy for good living because makes both, body and mind, healthier.

I love to keep my diet quite healthy but I’m not the kind of person that say no to good French cheese and some red Bourgogne wine! I love to enjoy every minute of my life, from working time to chill ones. Last but not least I’m quite an incurable romantic, even if most of the people knows me as a “pain in the backside” (my bf is the first one thinking this!!) And yes… As you can see I’m a bit auto-ironic!

But for now I don’t want to annoy you all guys with too much informations so I hope you will enjoy it and stay tuned for lots of cool news!

Love you all!



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    Love this, can’t wait to follow your updates honey ! Xx

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