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25 May, 2017


Hello my dears, today I want share with you a little guide of the hottest place in New York. I’ve been in the Big Apple for business some weeks ago and let’s be honest: New York it’s such a fascinating city for its skyline but the traffic is so crazy!!! Traffic a part, this is the city that never sleeps and every time is able to surprise me! If you follow me a bit, you should know how big is my passion for travel guide! I love to discover new places, luxury restaurant and hottest one ( the place to be if you want to be “a good pr of yourself”!). Planning my trip I called one of my best friend Thomas: he’s the best one in giving advices for restaurant ,clubs and shopping. After a long call with him I was pretty much excited cause I figured out how many new places I had to see.



My favorite zone of the city is for sure Soho because reminds me more like little village where you have everything you need closer to you and you don’t need to spend 45 minutes into a black cab to go around ( I actually can’t go to NY without a visit to Bergdorf in 5th Avenue… but you know for shopping we can also waste one hour in a cab!). Something I really enjoy about NY is the way people behave. Everyone is more relaxed…You can easily get out with your trainer outfit cause everyone will think “oh that’s a cool outfit” ( as we know sportswear is now a big trend mostly in the USA…) while in Milan people still at you very bad. Don’t get me wrong: I’m a big fan of dress codes but I don’t find so strange do five minutes walking in your training outfit while running to your next yoga session!!! After my daily workout I can’t wait to feel a bit like Carrie Bradshaw! I bet everyone of you girls have loved Sex and the City and, as Sarah Jessica Parker, I’m such a big fan of high heels. That feeling walking down the street is quite exciting even if everything is so big and huge that probably none cares about you but the point is what makes you feel good right?



But now my dear I don’t want to get you bored talking to much, so enjoy my advices and let me know what do you think about the Big Apple!

Wish you all a great day xx




Where to stay

11Howard, Soho ( this is for sure one of the newest and coolest place in Soho with one on the best club just inside)

Baccarat Hotel, Midtown ( this hotel has for sure of the best pool in town)

Plaza Hotel, Central Park South (when you need to give a twist of luxury more in your days!)

Where to have the perfect lunch with cool people

Cipriani Downtown

Where to have the best french cuisine (and running into celebrities)

Le Coucou


Where to have the best Vesper Martini (that’s actually my favorite cocktail)

The Blond

Where to order the best egg and avocado toast on an hangover Sunday

Bluestone Lane (in Greenwich Village)

Where to buy the coolest denim


Where to spend your lazy days

Bergdorf Goodman ( my favorite floor in it is the one where you can buy ladylike but fashionable interior design… I’m such a big fan of tableware!)

Where to have a break from real life

The Guggenheim


Where to party while making some gossip with fashion set

Flush Factory

Socialista ( Cipriani Downtown)

Where to have the best Michelin star dinner

Madison 11

Where to kick your ass and reach “body goals”

Dogpound ( that’s the best gym in town and in the all world… Every trainer is so kind, they are able to kick your ass and get your body bikini ready in such a short time having the same treatment of VS angels… that’s the place for #TrainLikeAnAngel)

Where to treat yourself like Carrie Bradshaw (my Mr Big loves heels so it’s even easier!)

Manolo Blahnik

Where to go for the best body treatment to fight the jet lag

La Praire at the Ritz-Carlton Spa

Aire Ancient Baths

Where to have the perfect British 5pm tea time

The Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel

Where to find the best important vintage pieces as Chanel and Saint Laurent jackets, Birkin and Kelly bag

What Goes Around Comes Around





Photo credits: 1. skyline view 2. me outside The Plaza 3. The Moma Garden 4. Soho typical architecture 5. me in Soho 6.the bar of Le CouCou 7. the Bluestone Lane 8. Inside What Goes Around Comes Around 9. outside of Le CouCou 10. Le Blond cocktail . The Palm Court at The Plaza


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