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10 June, 2017

Hello my dears, today I’m writing you from a lovely and super sunny Saint Tropez. Summer is almost here and everyone immediately get panic for skin imperfections! After a long and cold winter, every kind of skin looks a bit faded. We feel like we have been covering our skin all the time but now it’s time to get it naked and glowing!

I love women who knows how to be sexy! And believe me: most of it just comes from feeling good with our bare skin! That’s the reason why I love to take care of my body so much! I’ve always been passionate in all the new products and I love testing them. Since a year, “glowing products” have been taking the beauty scene from skincare to makeup. “Glow” is actually the new trend for our body and summer is the best season to show it!

Today I would like to show you the new Dior Hydra Life kit to get your face ready for a glowing summer. It’s a four steps kit, completely healthy and natural for your skin. Every product is very fresh and you can see the results immediately ( even if I advice you to keep on doing this treatment once a week for some months). I love to do it in the kind of lazy Sunday morning cause I can really enjoy it and also my mind can relax. Read a book in the meanwhile or enjoy some morning sunlight having a green tea next to a fresh bunch of flowers.

So now let’s start with these four steps to naturally beautiful skin:

1. Time to GlowUltra Fine Exfoliating Powder

This exfoliating powder will transforms into a light foam upon contact with water. Thanks to lotus seeds and sugar crystals, it will gently polished and clean deeply the skin for a natural glow. After this step the skin’s texture will be refined and smooth and pores less visible.

2. Glow BetterFresh Jelly Mask

This three minutes jelly mask is highly concentrated in naturally smoothing citrus fruit extract and exfoliating apricot seeds powder. This radiance mask is very delicate but at the same time will offer you a power double exfoliation. After this refreshing water-rich gel, the skin will instantly look smooth, clear and brightened. You’ll see how your skin will look revitalized, fresh and radiant day after day.

3. Deep HydrationSorbet Water Essence

This 3-in-1 serum offers an ultra-concentrated moisturization, a gentle skin peeling and an instant tonic effect all together. Enriched with natural Mallow and Haberlea leaf extracts, will give you an instant boost of freshness to the skin. The skin look fresh and radiant day after day and naturally beautiful.

4. Fresh HydrationSorbet Cream

This cream is the last step of this four steps kit. Concentrated in Mallow and Harbelea leaf extracts, this ultra-fresh gel cream , nourish the skin by stimulating its natural moisturizing ability. Its fresh sorbet texture immediately invigorates the skin for long-lasting refreshment.

Now it’s time for all of you to “get your glow“! I hope you will like it my dears and let me know if you like it!

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