My summer foundation

20 June, 2017

Hello my dears! Today I would like to tell you about a beauty product which all of us is looking for with the summer season. While packing for my holidays in Cote d’Azur , I found myself looking for a good “BB cream” or a foundation cream soft and with sunscreen protection.

For me getting tanned  has never been a big problem! I don’t need too much sun to get that beautiful “cookies” color but I can’t stand sun on my face for two reasons. The first one is just that I feel to warm when the sun is over my face so, the only secret for me to get tanned is having my face in the shadow. The second reason is more technical and I think everyone should learn this lesson! Sun rays are very dangerous for our body without a good sunscreen protection. Forget 5 and 10 SPF and start to use something more serious at least 20 even if I advice you 30 SPF. The highest the sunscreen is, the more you can protect your face ( and not only) from wrinkles but also from skin cancer. Remember: you can get tanned also with an high sunscreen protection! Maybe it will take you a bit longer but, at least,  your skin will thank you with the time going on!

We all spend the winter season with foundation cream and it’s difficult to quit with it from one day to another one! I’ve been trying a lot of products before this one. I was looking for something very soft and light, something to cover just a bit the skin imperfection and unify my skin tone without being too much and of course with a good sunscreen protection. Finally some weeks ago I found the perfect product and now I can’t live without it!

This Este Lauder foundation is in the same family of BB cream but it’s much better believe me! With the EE Creme your face will look more flawless, luminous and instantly toned. The ultra-sheer skin-transformer give will you that healthy color ( not the pail an ill we use to have for longs winter months!) while creating an overall even effect. Pores, redness and dark and sun spots will be immediately minimized. With the high-level SPF 30 and its anti-oxidants will make your skin soft, smoothed and hydrated.

I was looking for a naturally and instantly radiant and glowing skin and this EE Creme is the best product you can find on the market! And don’t forget this is not a foundation but a cream so you can use it also on the beach!  This product is absolutely my new must have for summer and I hope you will like it as well.

Don’t forget to love yourself and  protect your skin everyday!

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