Bikini Season

4 July, 2017

Hello guys,

Summer is season has officially stared but weather seems to be crazy mostly everywhere around Europe. I’m currently in Milan and believe me if I say there are days it’s even hard to walk fro 500 meters. Temperature are so high that it’s almost impossible to stay into the city. Same for my beloved London till two weeks ago and then winter came back, and the same happens to Paris!

Due to this, I hope you’ve been already a bit lucky as me, enjoying some hot days at the seaside wearing your bikini. I really love to workout and see improvement in my body ( you know that amazing feeling when you see your abs getting better and better?!) and this is the reason why the bikini season is by far my favorite one. That time of the year where finally you can go bare, ages out under the warm sunlight and the body free. It’s such a beautiful feeling don’t you think so?!

One of my favorite bikini brand is actually my favorite lingerie brand. I have a big addiction to the British brand, Agent Provocateur. This bikinis have everything I want from a swimwear. Usually the color palette is not to flashy, you can find a lot of black and white, they are quite sexy usually with that  80s shape and bikinis are not just simple bikinis. Of course you have to be careful in wearing those kind of sexy bikinis but if you find the perfect combination they are absolutely amazing.

My advices for all you my dears, is to find your perfect summer style by matching and balancing  your way of the dressing with your bikini. I am a huge fan of boho-beach looks and they are the best create an impeccable look. I love to wear my Vita Kin vyshyvanka dresses or bliss with some flat sandals ( my favorite are from Valentino and Hermès otherwise goes for some handcraft high quality ones). Everything of your look will appear sophisticate but effortless at the same time.

Another tip to wear a sexy swimsuit is to match it with some classy hair accessories. I love to use my silk “carrés d’Hermès” in my hair or a straw panama hats ( my favorite are from Maison Michel and Borsalino).

Last but not least let’s talk about jewels. There are people saying you shouldn’t wear them on the beach in oder to avoid that fake look. I agree it’s awful when you see someone wearing big circles earrings on the beach but I think that it’s all about finding the right pieces. I love to wear my everyday jewels also the beach like my Cartier “Love” bracelet, my Bulgari rose gold ring and two diamond rings I got from my grandmother that are absolutely amazing. If you know how to wear jewels you should wear them also on the beach. You’ll give that twist to your look that looks so effortless and at the same time so chic. I also advice you to wear summer jewels especially bracelets and necklace. Tiny, with some aquamarine color and that boho attire they are just so perfect and they add something different to your summer look.

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to feel good and self-confident in your outfit.Your outfit should tell something about you and makes you the unique “star” wearing the clothes ( not the opposite!).

I wish you all good some good summer days!

Love xx

Photo Credits: Cover. swimsuit Agent Provocateur 1. bikini Agent Provocateur  2. blouse VitaKin, hat Borsalino, shoes Hermès 3. hat Borsalino, top Isabel Marant, skirt Laneus, shoes Valentino, bag Hermès  4. bikini Agent Provocateur 5. top  Sibel Saral, shorts One x Teaspoon, hat Borsalino, bag Hèrmes, shoes Coliac 6. swimsuit Agent Provocateur 

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