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24 August, 2017

Good morning my dears,

Today I’m writing you from the beautiful and actually super hot Emerald Coast. Every season requires its beauty essentials and for most of us summer is the most difficult one. The temperature is hotter, the seaside water makes our skin more dry, hair are more difficult to style and as we got tanned our makeup needs to be arranged.
After some years testing so many different products, I found out some basic rules for the beauty routine:

– never forget to protect your skin under the sun (most people think that you won’t get tan with sunscreen protection but actually is not true, it will take you a bit more time but the result will be perfect and safe for your skin health)
– hydrate, hydrate and hydrate: hydration is so important because the sun will make your skin dry
– don’t spend too much time styling your hair cause most of the time you will fail. Try instead to use a good styling product for a beach messy look
– use a face mist water to fix your make up
– use sunset and golden shades for the make up. They will make your look natural and glowing.

After those basic rules I want to show you some of my favorite summer beauty essentials. When it comes to summer seaside destinations I can’t leave without these products and I hope they will help also your beauty routine!


Dior Bronze Monoi Balm After Sun

Dior Bronze Milky Mist Glow SPF 30 Face and Body

Dior Bronze Protective Cream Sublime Glow SPF 30

Suncream is the first product to be put in our beauty. No excuse: do not forget to put it every day because sun rays are so dangerous for the skin!!! As my skin tone is very pale I never go under a 30 SPF cream but I actually recommend it for everyone. Usually I apply 30 SPF on the body and 50 SPF on the face because I really hate to get sunburned especially on my face. These creams from Dior almost feel like a beauty treatment, giving a sublime natural an longer lasting glow to the skin. After the sun is really important to rehydrate the skin in order to restore the skin’s natural hydration. This Après Soleil cream is infused with Copra oil which is intensely nourishing and silky.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

I have an obsession for oils. I love the silky feeling they leave on my skin and they also are more nourishing than cream. I use this product both in winter and summer time because, even if for different reason, the skin gets more sensitive and dehydrated. I discover this brand some month ago and to be honest I bought it because of the name… I love elephants!

Then I discover that all the product were super natural and clean in the ingredients. All the formulations of this brand are free from silicones, chemical screens, perfumes… all those kind of dangerous ingredients for sensitive skin as mine ( and even for not sensitive). This luxury facial oil is the perfect rehab for the skin and it also restore that youthful glow. It is full of antioxidants, omega 6 and 9 and most important the oil comes from the Marula fruit, which contains 4 times as much Vitamin C as an orange. If you don’t know this oil yet is time to because it’s the best beauty secret coming from the South Africa. Marula Oil is an all-natural, cold pressed, highly nutritious and very light textured. It is naturally soothing, fast-absorbing and suitable for all the skin types.

Too Cool for School Coconut Milky Mist

I love face mist because they give a feeling of freshness and  they help fixing the makeup. For me it’s a kind of essential product during summer time because the skin get hydrate and heat is a big enemy for the makeup. This mist is made with 87 % pure Brazilian coconut water , minerals and vitamins in order to moisturize quickly. It’s super practical because it can be used as a moisturizing toner or over the makeup as a fixing product . And what’s more is a perfect natural glow for the face!


Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry

This styling spray is the best summer product ever. Sometimes is too humid or just too hot and we can’t dry our hair in a good way. This product will save your life giving that kind of sexy and messy beach hair look. It’s lighter than a mousse and less gritty than a salted spray. You just need to spray it on the wet hair and the magic is done. If you’re looking for polished look I advice you to blow-dry with a brush otherwise use just the hands for windswept waves.

Alterna Bamboo Beach Protective Spray

Sometimes we totally forget to protect our hairs from the sun rays but actually they need the same protection as our skin does. This protective spray from Alterna is my favorite one ever. It’s oily but super light and it also makes the hair shines. If you don’t know this brand I highly recommend you to try it! There are two main lines:  Caviar ( which I use during winter time) and Bamboo ( which I use during summer time).  All the products are 100% free of parabens, sulfates and synthetic color and they are made with eco certified ingredients such as Bamboo extract ( which is rich in vitamins and amino acid), Kendi Indonesian Oil ( rich in Omega 3 and 6), Maca Peruvian Root ( a natural energizing superfood), Indian Gooseberry ( rich in Vitamin C) and Kalahari Melon from Namibia ( which is a natural sunscreen protector).


Last but not least I want to show you some of my favorite makeup products. When it comes to summer makeup we all embrace the philosophy less is better. Mostly because it’s too hot and we are used to get tanned so the skin color change a bit and even the light is different . I can’t go out, especially in the evening,  without the makeup and during summer time I look for gold-sunset colors. They help our skin to get that glowing, fresh and natural look!

-blush: DiorSkin Nude Air Care and Dare in shade 002

-lipstick:  Dior Lip Tattoo Long-Wear Colored Tint in shade 421

-eyeshadow: Dior Color Gradation Palette in shade 002 “ Coral Gradation”

Wish you all a beautiful summer!



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