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23 October, 2017


10 am in a beautiful morning light…. I just came back from a beautiful morning run in Hyde Park to share with you, one of my favorite look so far, I recently wore during Frieze weekend in London. The light was amazing and the fresh wind came into my legs as a warm welcome of fall approaching.

As most of you know, one year ago  I fell in love with this city and now I try to spend here the more time I can. To personal reason I use to spend most of my time in Mayfair which is such a lovely and charming area. Here most of the shop and galleries always have flowers and they really know how to made your day ( especially during rainy and grey days!).

I’m always been convinced about being such an incurable romantic but as I’m blonde, wearing pink it’s not so easy ( I really would avoid the Barbie look!). In general to wear pink in the right way, you have to feel pink as well. As french would say you have to think as “la vie en rose”. No matter what the weather is… If you can see pink everyday, your attire will be naturally beautiful.

It must be the love, it must be the city vibes but it doesn’t matter. What matters is to feel it.

Let’s be romantic romantic for a while. Let’s be like a flower ready to blossom in the light.


With love….


Location: Maddox Gallery , Mayfair, London

Look: skirt Isabel Marant, top Self-Portrait, Shoes Christian Louboutin, Bag Saint Laurent

Photo by Ivan Marianelli

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