Les Milanesi by Margherita Rovelli was founded in 2017 by Margherita Rovelli with the intention of giving to others a refined and polished image of herself and share her eclectic view over fashion and luxury industry.

Margherita was born in Milan in 1994. Daughter of art, she shown interest for fashion and art developing her skills in these fields. After a degree in languages ( she currently speaks Italian, English and French), she attended the Istituto Marangoni School of Fashion in Milan, where she degree in 2015 in Fashion Styling.

Since very little, she started to work in creativity world: first in textile following her father footprints and then in fashion, working as freelance fashion stylist and consultant but also as assistant for famous stylist such as Viviana Volpicella and journalist JJ Martin.

Since the blog was opened, she has been featured by many international magazine and streetstyle photographer such as Buro247.ru, Vogue.com , WMag.com, The Sartorialist, Adam Katz Sinding and many others.

Nowadays she’s passionate in fashion business and consultant, contemporary art auctions and luxury travel guides.

The blog, from 2017, is a carefully curated insight into her personal and polished universe, enriched by travel tips , her strong personality and her inclination to luxury goods.