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    Bikini Season

    4 July, 2017

    Photo Credits: Cover. swimsuit Agent Provocateur 1. bikini Agent Provocateur  2. blouse VitaKin, hat Borsalino, shoes Hermès 3. hat Borsalino, top Isabel Marant, skirt Laneus, shoes Valentino, bag Hermès  4. bikini Agent Provocateur 5. top  Sibel Saral, shorts One x Teaspoon, hat Borsalino, bag Hèrmes, shoes Coliac 6. swimsuit Agent Provocateur …


    Welcome to my world


    Hello Dears! I’m so happy to be finally back online with the new blog! In case someone of you have missed something, more or less two month ago, I took over the blog alone… This decision has been taken Giulia ( my ex partner)  and I , together due to personal reasons. I’ve always…

    16 May, 2017